The minimum space required is about 9x4m (size of the smallest digester). To learn more about system sizes you can check out the product catalog for your respective country.
We recommend that you contact us to advise you on other potential domestic and mechanical biogas applications.
Biogas can be used to cook meals or heat water. It can also be used for pen heaters and greenhouses, and even for milking machines, water pumps, or chaff cutters.
No. Inside the biodigester any pathogen is nullified and there is no risk of spreading any bacteria through the biogas to the food.
No. Active bio digester kenyabio has a filter that removes the odor of decomposing eggs; a characteristic odor of the hydrogen sulfide contained in biogas.
No. The biogas is at ambient pressure and requires its own pipes to convey it to the burners and stoves. The installations for LP gas have narrower pipes. But do not worry, the package already includes a stove and burner.

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