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We are among 5 STARS top rated company dealing with waste management

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We are the experts in waste water management. Our team is highly specialized on bio-digester technologies as well as enzymic processes, Who will deliver quality in your project.


A you planning to construct a home or invest in a commercial house, worry no more about how to manage toilet waste(sewage), manage it by instilling bio-digester system in a affordable price.

*How does it work.

When waste is flushed from the toilet it's channeled to bio-digester, which later with help of anaerobic bacteria, all waste scum and sludge is reduced to water and gases like nitrogen and methane, the water is exist through outlet chamber and channeled to the sock pit or it can be used for agricultural use senses it's rich in nutrients.
* Which are advantages of bio-digester ;
1, No coat of exhausting(pumping)
2, Low cost of installation
3, occupies less space
4, No smell in your compound.
5, Less time in installing
6, it can be installed in areas with high water tables.

Bio-digester is the best option for you compared to ordinary septic tack, for more information get in touch with us on

Bio-Digester Design

We design bio-digesters to suit the number of users, other needs like water recycling and bio-gas generation as well as the site location.

Bio-Digester Installation

We build bio-digesters of all sizes and materials. We provide both pvc and concrete digesters depending on the needs of the client.

Bio-Digester Maintenance

Active bio digester kenya is the choice bio-digester mainteners. Even if we're not the company that built your digester, we can still maintain it


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Sale of Bio-Digester Enzymes

We import and supply enzymes/inoculam that speed up the aerobic and anaerobic decomposition of organic waste in the bio-digester tank


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The system occupied small space compared to the traditional septic tank which we were using previously I AM A HAPPY CLENT

Ken Mutuku


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Bacteria for pit latrine worked perfectly it reduced smell and the waste


Director Kibirichia boys

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I was suprised to see how small the bio digester is, yet it is effective it works perfect. Am greatfull Active bio digester kenya




We are here and ready to serve you. We are always available to visit your project’s site for evaluation. Kindly contact us now by the details below or using the form.

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